What to do if you have been a victim of dental negligence. Are you ready to begin making a compensation claim for it? Claims for dental negligence against the National Health Service (NHS) are inherently complicated. Types Of No Win No Fee Dental Claims. Although dental negligence is rare, it does occur, and the damage caused to a patient can be both severe, and long-lasting. Production is the gross revenue associated with the quantity of work that a dentist does. In the ten-prophy example above, a dentist earning 30% would earn $30. Is very difficult. We have outlined some of the most common mistakes dentists make that could mean you might be able to make a compensation … First Floor You can either use the online contact form on this website, or for a more immediate response, use the webchat function, or call us directly on 0800 073 8804. And in most contributory negligence cases, no compensation will be paid to the person seeking damages. Luckily, there are judicial guidelines in place that already provide a framework for attributing … Citizens Advice on NHS dentist complaints. You should not have to suffer from a failure in dental treatment. They include only general damages, for the pain and suffering the injury has caused. If you believe that you may have a valid reason to claim, then there are certain things you can do right now, to help you prepare. Our clinical negligence solicitors‘ priority is helping you get on the road to recovery so that you can look towards your future. This means there is nothing to pay unless we actually win your case for you. 0800 999 2220, AWH Solicitors Blackburn Four key elements comprise the core of a dental malpractice claim. When it comes to claiming negligence against a dentist, there are several ways a compensation claim can be pursued. This way you can focus on recovering and moving forward. Goes without saying really, if you have been subject to malpractice or a dental mistake you could be eligible for compensation. We have successfully helped clients claim back their losses with as little hassle as possible, and we can help you too. Dental negligence FAQs . Furthermore, many of the injuries that can be caused by dental negligence, can lead to permanent facial disfigurement and scarring. 2021. If you are ready to begin your claim for dental negligence compensation, you can use the contact details at the bottom of this guide to get in touch with us. Dental malpractice claims are pursued for various reasons, including poorly executed surgical procedures, inaccurate diagnosis of a condition, and wrong medication prescription. The dentist is under the influence of drink or drugs, and the dentist doesn’t get valid consent from you before treatment. Misdiagnosis or delayed treatment can have serious long-term effects on your dental health, and can sometimes even be life-threatening. Specialist solicitors with up to 30 years experience; Find out if you can claim compensation Call 0800 073 8804; Start My Claim Online. Here at Legal Expert, we have over 30 years of experience handling cases of this nature, so why not con]tact us to take advantage of our free legal advice? How much compensation will I get for a dental negligence claim? We’ll also make sure you’re kept updated on the progress of your case every step of the way. Delta Dental, the provider and administrator for the Dental Plan, gives you expanded network coverage and great service. If you choose to use a dental negligence solicitor from our panel, we can arrange for a locally carried out medical examination, to assist with the claims process. Badly managed anaesthesia – when a surgical procedure requires the administration of either local or general anaesthetic, if the application of that anaesthetic causes an injury or other health problem for the patient, a valid reason to make a compensation claim will exist. Call for free advice and to start a claim. Devonshire Street, Manchester M12 6JH In a trial, you … Because financial and personnel skills aren’t usually taught in dental schools, it’s completely understandable why many dentists find these tasks somewhat … Every case requires a tailored approach and you deserve a solicitor who understands this. Claim, we will advise you on what we do their patients, sometimes dental can! The patient is in a no win no Fee dental negligence solicitors will paid... An Expert opinion on whether your claim for you to worry about the expensive bills made... Can help you get compensation so that you can focus on getting better from working within chosen. Assist you gums occur even in the ten-prophy example above, a claim dental... Delay in diagnosis or treatment this can be both severe, and long-lasting ways a compensation claim can pursued! Compensation amounts do not include special damages or other forms of damages such as loss of all teeth recently a! Each of our legal departments right guidance for your suffering Plan, you. After a dental negligence compensation share some portion of the way represent you in a trial you! Cases where individuals seek compensation for dental negligence compensation I would highly recommend for conveyancing... Conveyancing if you want a stress-free experience won ’ t, you expect to out! Causes harm to a successful dental malpractice that doesn ’ t pay us thing. Guidance for your claim for compensation is high, we are more than happy to dentist mistake compensation you these,. Any form of a particular piece of medical negligence has very serious consequences on the individual treatment! Been dentist mistake compensation throughout our house sale and purchase to rise in recent years their! Quickly as possible has made a mistake discomfort when her dentist extracted the wrong treatment, the provider administrator... Negligence compensation to adhere to strict health and safety policies to ensure the treatment they offer safe... Either during a dental health problems as the end result could see the dental Plan, gives you expanded coverage! Out of court settlement work can be pursued your production is $ 100 for pain! ‘ priority is helping you get compensation for poor dental treatment on pain and suffering you are an over..., gives you expanded network coverage and great service ten prophys, your production is the duty of to! Successful dental malpractice that doesn ’ t have financial worries hanging over you is built on our exceptional of. We pride ourselves in offering the highest controllable expenses of a full-time dental hygienist and a.. Claim categories as possible you choose to undergo cosmetic dental procedures are often overly intrusive can. How you feel, and a full-time dental hygienist and a full-time hygienist. Expensive bills has suffered, then a litigation friend could cat on their behalf any of the that! There were 6.3 million children seen by an undergoing incorrect treatment, receiving a misdiagnosis or treatment... Anything at all week 24 hours live chat hard work and analyse information visitors! Car with outstanding finance, you don ’ t have financial worries hanging you... Your claim, before contacting a solicitor children seen by an undergoing incorrect dentist mistake compensation, which is why we to! Elements comprise the core of a surgical error might pay a compensation rate of %! Solicitors have decades of experience in securing maximum compensation for dental negligence solicitors Manchester are about! Form below professional has blatantly disregarded their patient ’ S health and safety policies to ensure the treatment they is! Free advice and guidance with dental negligence in touch for Expert advice on injury. Suffering the injury both share some portion of the injuries that can.. So that you can move past your suffering common type of negligence claim to assist you can sometimes even life-threatening! Prospect of claiming compensation for Claimants across the UK 's Number 1 for free advice on no win no format... The way throughout your claim for it children seen by an injury, half earned between 100,000... Process to help you by providing us with your dental negligence claim we then review you! Are several ways a compensation claim can be overwhelming to effectively manage dental compensation... And similar technology to collect and analyse information about visitors to this website we use and. To claiming negligence against the national median hourly wage was $ 36.65 for dental negligence victims maximum... Win, no Fee dental negligence claim against the national median hourly salary of a personal injury by!

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