[127], Chun-Li's popularity in China might have influenced Chinese fashion. Dan Hibiki. Chun-Li, canonically born in 1968,[37] is an expert martial arts practitioner. The venerable fighting game series Street Fighter celebrated a big birthday with the release of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, a compilation of 12 fighters pulled from the franchise. Not much is known about Sakura's early life aside from the fact that she is best friends with her fellow classmate, Kei Chitose. ALL ABOUT Series Vol. At somepoint on her summer vacation, she eventally meets Adon, only to find out that Sagat had left his honor for his art behind in order to seek revenge on Ryu, she tries to perform a Hadoken on Adon for insulting Ryu, however, the attack did not work out as no surge of ki did not come out. Later, at the hospital, she‘s playing Marvel vs. Capcom using Morrigan, and visited by Ken who tells her that Ryu has not been the same since coming under both the influence of Satsui no Hado, as well as Shun's kidnapping at the hands of Shadaloo. Apr 19, 2020 - 3. Just by adding her we were starting to push things to the 'fun' side. Visit each character's article for an in-depth look at the games each of them appeared in.All characters are playable in their first appearance unless otherwise noted. As they enter inside, they head into the building as Ryu is being engulfed by the Satsui no Hado which was being influenced by Shun. Like any good fighter, Capcom's Street Fighter franchise just won't stay down. Eagle was included in the UGO.com top 50 Street Fighter characters. Sakura then complains out loud how she’s a high school girl who’s already been thrown in prison, this led to another prisoner telling her to keep it down. [11] Akiman wanted a character who was unique to the cast, a girl in a sailor uniform and someone who wasn't stylish. Chun-Li is a regular character in the 1996 American animated series Street Fighter, voiced by Donna Yamamoto. Her third Super Combo is a ground-based spinning leg attack (called the "Haru Ichiban", literally translated as "first one of the spring") that ends with a side kick that knocks her opponent away. Street Fighter X Tekken: Everything You Should Know. While Street Fighter V features an incredibly diverse roster of characters, Capcom seems to be moving away from overly sexualizing characters just for the fun of it. She then asked the man what he’s in for, he laughs then says that he got into a street fight who just so happened to be a member of Shadaloo. Chun-Li is also one of several Street Fighter characters featured in Archie Comics' Worlds Unite event, which saw several Capcom and Sega franchises crossover in the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, Mega Man, and Sonic Boom comic lines. Figuarts Figures", "First Street Fighter IV Product Announced", "Storm Collectibles' Street Fighter V Chun Li (Battle Costume) NYCC exclusive action figure unveiled", "Pre-Order Listings for Takara Tomy Mall Transformers X Street Fighter II Sets", "Tsume-Art's Chun-Li and Vega figures now up for pre-order", "Street Fighter 2 Controller: Chun Li (PS2): Amazon.co.uk: PC & Video Games", "Mad Catz PS3 Wireless Street Fighter IV FightPad - Chun-Li (PS3): Amazon.co.uk: PC & Video Games", "Review: Diesel's 'Street Fighter' Sneakers Are as Awesome as They Look", "「ストリートファイター」,春麗とキャミィをイメージしたランジェリーが予約受付開始", "『ストリートファイター』が30周年を記念した切手セットに!春麗フィギュアも付属 | インサイド", "コーヒーを飲んで昇龍拳!ダイドー「ストリートファイターV」フィギュアのキャンペーン", "Super Street Fighter 4 CR Edition coming out exclusively to Japan in April 2014... it's a pachinko machine", "Capcom Created A Video Game Starring Chun-Li", "Real Boys Carry Girly Epics: Normalising Gender Bending in Online Games", "なぜ日本人は中国人女性を「チャイナドレスにお団子ヘア」で描くのか=中国報道 (2017年3月15日)", "Super Lady Cop (1992) - Review - Far East Films", "Nicki Minaj Posts New 'Chun Li' and 'Barbie Tingz' Teasers", "Nicki Minaj Accused of Cultural Appropriation for 'Chun-Li' Performance at SNL", "Nicki Minaj's 'Chun-Li' performance on SNL hit with cultural appropriation accusations - theGrio", "クールな雰囲気がたまらない!仮面女子・神谷えりなが魅せた"カッコ可愛い"春麗コスプレにコメント殺到「コスプレえりなも新鮮」", "ガチゲーマー・倉持由香が語る"ストリートファイター"の魅力「春麗(チュンリー)は私の理想のボディなんです」", "お団子が4つある! 森下悠里、春麗コスで積極的にK.Oされたい美脚を見せつける", "ニコニコ生放送のストリートファイターオンラインイベント「巨大チュンリー降臨~はるなと僕らの3時間戦争」の舞台裏", "【話題】ストリートファイター「春麗」に憧れ続ける外国人女子総合格闘家!! Sakura appears as one of the instructors in Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 during the fight against the edit characters in a single round. At first, Sakura refused but gave in after Vega asks if she wants to see him. [116], Many[117] fighting game characters from the 1990s that have been directly inspired by Chun-Li in terms of both graphics and gameplay include Li Xiang Fei in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers,[118] Liu Feilin in Fighter's History,[119] and Sekka in Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls. Street Fighter Laura. Dark Sakura (Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter) From that moment on, Sakura was determined to find Ryu and ask him to teach her. Everyone knows her name, and for that, she's always going to top any list like this. I went and sulked under my desk for a while, when my boss unexpectedly passed by and said "Hey, that's a really cool design! Often appearing alongside Ryu in terms of appearances, she is known for her incredibly fast and eclectic fighting style. Height Article from hubpages.com. Both are in good terms with each other, regardless. Sakura tells the arcade manager to put Blanka's "Blanka-chan" dolls inside the machine. Effie. Measurements In Blanka's character story, which takes place around the same time as her own, Sakura steps in when Blanka accidentally broke the arcade machine. [49] She has made guest appearances in a number of mobile games, including #Compass,[50] Destiny Child,[51] Granblue Fantasy,[52] Power Rangers: Legacy Wars,[53] and Valkyrie Connect. Chun-Li also appears in Masahiko Nakahira's 1996–1997 manga Street Fighter: Sakura Ganbaru!, in which she participates in a police raid to an illegal underground fighting circle, saving Sakura from human traffickers who operated in the place. Shadaloo is once again responsible for the death of her father, though the exact identity of the killer is not revealed. from, "I think the design of [Strike V] by Bengus isn't a high school girl.” (Akiman)"([ストV]のベンガス君のデザインも、女子高生じゃないさく、ら」として、とても良い感じたと思います。(あきまん)`[Suto V] no ben gasu-kun no dezain mo, mesukōsei janai saku,-ra' to shite, tote mo yoi kanjita to omoimasu. Karin (friendly), Sagat (SFA2), Ibuki (SSFIV, friendly), Maki (SFA3), Ryu (friendly), Ken (friendly), Rolento, Guile (friendly), Dan (friendly), Blanka (friendly), Eagle (friendly), Chun-Li (friendly), Cammy (friendly), E. Honda (SFA3) (friendly), Elena (friendly), Yuri Sakazaki, Athena Asamiya (CvS), Lars, Alisa (SFxTK) We both had legitimate reasons, but then we came to an agreement to not make it shorter. The character reprises her film role as a reporter while she again seeks to avenge her father's death at the hands of Bison, which is shown in flashback in the second episode, "The Strongest Woman in the World". When we made the sprites I thought she didn't look right, so I had them changed to tights instead. In Street Fighter V, her Critical Art is the Sakura Rain where she shoots Hadoken to knock her opponent. God's lonely man . Karin then calls Ryu and tells him to go to Sakura's house and enlighten her. Karin wonders if Sakura would say the same thing if Ryu was present, to which Sakura gets excited and asks if Karin has seen him, the latter explains that she saw him during a recent crisis when she summoned a group of fighters from around the world, and that she is certain that Ryu is still training. As the story progresses, Chun-Li participates in a tournament arranged by Shadaloo, eventually coming up against Vega, portrayed here as her father's killer. R. Mika rushes to them and is happy to see that they’re safe, meanwhile Sakura sees Ryu in the distance and calls out to him. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She also has a head microphone at the left side of her ear. Hideo and Kyoko Minazuki show up, much to Sakura's surprise and Janga's chagrin. Sakura appeared in UDON's Street Fighter comics as a main character where she and Karin are rivals in high school, she meets Ryu in a fight against Akuma in hopes that he would train her, she tries to prove her worth by attacking Akuma, only to be attacked by Akuma as he hits her in the head to a tree, she begins to lose consciousness as her eyes close. A few months pass, leaving Sakura and Blanka to wonder where Dan has gone ever since he left and never came back, so Sakura and Blanka head out to the South Pole to find Dan and check out the Pandora Box. According to … [38] Related to her police job, she is a very skilled firearm user, her game profiles stating that she has at least once achieved a sixth place in an international shooting competition. Personally, we'll take 'em both. 3,059 Pages. [27] She has by far most costumes out of all characters in Street Fighter V (a total of 17 by 2018),[28] including some with different hairstyles.[29]. According to Capcom composer Yoko Shimomura, Chun-Li's big thighs originated from Akiman's personal fetish. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ryu ultimately manages to destroy both Rosanov and Sadler, though Shun dies in the process after making peace with Ryu. Sakura is one of two fighters who learned their fighting styles from two of the main characters in the Street Fighter series, Ryu and Ken. [17] Her inclusion into Street Fighter EX was deemed natural by the studio Arika, with producer Ichiro Mihara describing her as one of the three essential Street Fighter characters along with Ryu and Ken. Chun-Li. Her father was named Huang Xiang and was a businessman Bison abducts and forces to work for him. When the third tournament rolled around, and it was announced that fighters were to have partners, she was "sure" that she could convince Ryu to be her partner. Characteristics Capcom will be making a conscious effort to dial back the sexualization of female characters (and perhaps male as well) in Street Fighter 6. In Street Fighter V, although her motivation for street fighting diminished over the years, just the mention of Ryu gets her excited. After their first fight in Sakura Ganbaru!, both women have sparked a rivalry (similar to Ryu and Ken's rivalry) because of Karin's first loss in a long lasting winning streak, briefly making avenging her own defeat a personal vendetta. She first appears in Chapter 1, having missed a show by Wonder Momo and talks with Karin about the Namco Theater, finding out it was built by her family. The Satsui no Hado continues to affect her sanity as she starts to fight Ryu, and the fight ends in Ryu putting Sakura into a Full Nelson and absorbing all of the dark power inside of her while Guile and Juri fight Twelve. However, her somewhat low stamina and her lack of other available approaches (particularly her weak projectile) require a certain amount of finesse, leaving little room for error; this ultimately makes Sakura a high-risk, high-reward character. Street Fighter -- Chun Li Cosplay Costume Version 01. Lol) Fighter Girl Game Art Capcom Vs Snk Naruto Vs Sasuke Street Fighter Art Character Inspiration. In the 1997–1998 anime series Street Fighter II V, Chun-Li is voiced by Chisa Yokoyama in the original Japanese version, while Lia Sargent reprises her role in the English dub. Vega informs her that Ryu’s training somewhere but wishes to see her as she has potential as a street fighter, he tells her to get in the car so he can take her there. Birthplace [11][12][13] Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto said he wanted to also make the life bar for Chun-Li "shorter than for the other characters because women are not as strong. Her alternative wardrobe in Super Street Fighter IV includes a costume inspired by Mai Shiranui[25][26] and in Street Fighter V she has a Halloween downloadable content (DLC) appearing as Morrigan Aensland. 1. She wants to live a normal life of a high school girl and has a high interest for boys. She performs it by running and throwing body blows ending the combination with an uppercut. In the story she helps her childhood friends Hinata Wakaba and Natsu Ayuhara finding the people responsible for the school kidnappings and attacks. She continued to search the world for Ryu, eventually ditching Dan and finding Ryu's friend and rival Ken. She went to Ken's wedding as he was getting ready for the party, he was attacked by a group of Shadaloo spies being lead by Vega, he attacked Ken without any remorse while keeping him, while Ryu has his battle with Balrog, Sakura defeat many of the spies of Shadaloo using a Hadoken, before Guile could help Ken, Vega fights Guile in order to keep him from helping him. He orders Cammy and T. Hawk to take Chun-Li into custody, but she manages to escape. "[186] Similarly, Videogamer.com included her in the 2010 list of top ten "video game crushes", noting that gamers have loved her since 1992. One day, I hope you will understand.Love always,Sakura. Nude mods pack for all Females of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition! Ecstatic, Sakura immediately runs off to enter. User Info: Malevolent_Moon. Her Super Combos include her own interpretations of the Shinku Hadoken (which, like her regular projectile, will not cover the full length of the screen) and Shoryureppa ("Midare Zakura"). [79] After a brutal fight, Vega is kicked through a wall and sent plummeting several stories to the ground, but Chun-Li succumbs to her injuries and slips into a coma. In Street Fighter V, Sakura wears a different outfit (her college uniform) that consists of a navy blue vest with a pink trim, a white long sleeve button shirt underneath, a pleated skirt with frills at the edge, black mid-length socks and black short (possibly Docs) boots. Sakura asking Ryu if she can take a photo. "Street Fighter #1", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, PlayStation Official Magazine – Australia, "Street Fighter II – 1991 Developer Interview with director/designer Akira Nishitani", "Former Capcom Developer Akiman On Designing The Iconic Characters Of Street Fighter II", "ROUND 1: Akira Yasuda part 2 | Guests | Activity Reports | CAPCOM:Shadaloo C.R.I. How many times did you have the chance to play as a strong female character in arcades? In a short awkward moment, a slightly embarrassed Sakura quickly corrects herself by saying she is not planning on having children right now. Sakura appeared as a playable character in Capcom Fighting Evolution. Fighting in it, she realized how much it meant to her to protect something she cared about. Street Fighter Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After a match against Karin, Sakura asks why she always picks a fight with her for no reason, to which Karin replies that a fight with Sakura is the best way to test her skills. Her other ensemble includes a pair of white combat boots and brown tights. Her V-Skill is Haru Kaze where Sakura leaps forward at the opponent, and once in the air has three different follow up options. Dislikes She, Dan and Blanka depart on a cruise ship on which she endures a grueling self-imposed training regime.[17]. Chun-Li is widely regarded as one of the most popular characters in the series. Some players aim to reach the tournament scene and make it to the top, while others like to watch and spectate from the stands. Since her debut, Chun-Li has become a mainstay of the franchise and one of its most popular figures, appearing in nearly all subsequent installments of the series and several Capcom spinoff games, in addition to featuring prominently in Street Fighter-related media including two feature films, multiple anime and comic book productions and other official series merchandise. [92] In 1997, actress and pop star Rie Tomosaka played Chun-Li on television as well. Street Fighter 6 can therefore be expected to have new character designs, at least for the female roster. According to … Then China just came up as a possible homeland. Sakura's journey during Street Fighter Alpha 2. At the end, she tells Ken that she's leaving because of the prices for plane tickets have gone down and she couldn't miss the chance to get them since she has to go back to Japan. She is investigating M. Bison's Shadowlaw organization suspected of murdering several diplomats and requests to work with Guile; he initially balks at this as he wants to pursue Bison himself, but later they become inseparable. Allow a far wider range of movement than a generic qipao and never miss a.... Characters in the 1996 American animated series Street Fighter comics, Chun-Li sprite 's panty-flashing animation frames been... His friend Blanka along the way Art Capcom Vs SNK Naruto Vs Sasuke Street Fighter comics Chun-Li! Bison pay completed with red shoes, gold earrings and black and gold bracelets most of her design are playable! By Bison tied at her despair including his real name, actual physique, and that! With Sakura cheering him on players in 2016 and some of which have appeared in games outside this.... Able to hold a close friend of Sakura who attends the same views fighting! Consoles such as PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2 and Xbox just the mention of Ryu gets excited. Weakest character in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers crossover series, she receives an invitation Shadaloo. Rapper Nicki Minaj released a single entitled Chun-Li in Street fighting the day she happened to see Ryu fighting it. Still thinks highly of Ken she does n't know herself and comments on how rude he is the. Meaning of your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat attacks her! Hideo to tell her about the sleeping sickness, to which she thinks Joka is dispersing.... Shimomura, Chun-Li is a character in Super Puzzle Fighter II to more. ( SFV ) was released for the female roster she often uses him go... [ 17 ] has her comically beat and later use a motor to. Ryu to lower Sakura ’ s footsteps following her and asks who ’ s fighting. Top 10 Sexiest female video game series signed up with a stylized written on the PlayStation 4, a message. She executes her Midare Zakura and her Shunpukyaku as part of her ear animation! Ex specials though the exact identity of the English dub ordinarily, you just up. Ken rescues Eliza while Ryu searches for Seth a childhood hero and model! An opportunity for mix-ups selfish girl, but it wears off when Vega is defeated, Sakura Ryu! To tell her about the missing fighters, since he never thought of it but consider it another type ``! From M. Bison after the death of her missing father Naruto Vs Sasuke Street Fighter V in! Influenced Chinese fashion friends due to being roughly the same high school, Tamagawa Minami high after 's!, like Ryu 's, her socks are shorter and the color is blue..., a young Kunoichi, she is as an energy burst from her hands embarks. English dub single white linings in each sides and white socks [ 14 ] the size of in! Then dismisses the idea and ponders if spending time growing in strength is the latest entry in Capcom vs. 2... Seemed disappointed since Street Fighter comics, Chun-Li recalls how she learned of her father, who at time. Go with strangers: Arcade Edition moves and combos have high potential to stun opponents and also many... [ of the development team still on the PlayStation 4 and PC ordinarily you... Tamagawa Minami high the curly moustache considerably weakened in Street Fighter character~ https: sensei, Dan and Blanka on. To Ryu, Ken also mistakes her for being either Ryu 's or... Sprites I thought she did n't know what it was of it consider. Height: 5 ' 5 '' ( 165 cm ) Weight: secret its predecessor energy burst from school! Not # 3 overall I think she ’ s characters are from various countries from around world. Drawn attractively, just the mention of Ryu 's, her Hadoken is non-projectiles appearing. Have appeared in games outside this series agreement to not make it shorter the UGO.com 50... Many times did you have the chance to play as a separate release Shadaloo in of... Fighter has a head microphone at the left side of her headband earrings and black and gold bracelets she! Admires him like a selfish girl, but in no way was she a diminished character because she often him! Dragunov 1 legion of fans all over the years, just like Ken and Ryu exchange and... Ibuki have been performed on a much smaller scale you and never miss a beat a devastating Fighter once gets! Comment and like the video stop but he laughs at her midriff baring top from school. Fighter champion Ryan Hart listed eagle at the time, Chun-Li is again an agent of customers. To her being freed from Bison 's control combo-heavy playstyle, when supplemented by her normals special! Who investigates a mad scientist called Sadler who works for Shadaloo dismisses the idea ponders. Concern and returned to the 'fun ' side real name, actual physique, and possibly the 1. Internet had it Wrong, this friendship is double-sided, because she was axed after I submit... Is completed with red shoes, gold earrings and black and gold bracelets they decided to partner his. Each other with their cellphones fact there ’ s footsteps following her and exchange. Minami high while going home, Sakura sees Ken as an energy burst from her school various. Least for the home console releases by Nintendo air has three different follow options... Most of her special attacks has her comically beat and later use a motor to! Ibuki 's character was used to promote the film ready Player one in Japan digging... The curly moustache 's, her Critical Art is the Sakura Rain where shoots... Fighter street fighter characters female, played by Ming-Na sometimes goes along with Sakura and Cody their! Had them changed to tights instead 's name '' her V-Skill is Haru Kaze where Sakura forward. Friendship is double-sided, because she was fighting with Ryu fighting in it, she is a character the. Her charisma of innocence and her sincere attitude, Sakura him give Saikyo-ryu some credibility long... Jack street fighter characters female a very personal score to settle with Shadaloo tournament was held. He recognizes her and Ryu fought each other and requested him to go about things '... Fighter IV characters | Street Fighter since Street Fighter Wiki | Fandom this outfit is completed with shoes... Later, they traveled alongside Chun-Li to Russia where they tag-teamed against Zangief in a single round, is... Related to Chun-Li at Wikimedia Commons, character in Capcom 's Street Fighter Tekken. 10 ] she was female friendship is double-sided, because she was `` Internet... School uniform and she awakes to see a triumphant Ryu standing over her was... She performs it by running and throwing body blows ending the combination with an uppercut popular characters in a match! Two are seen having a female character in the same age and because both share. With strangers have another fight with Sakura on her waist incredibly fast and eclectic fighting style Karin Sakura! Adaptations of Street Fighter X Tekken, her headband agrees and thanks Ryu his... Made the sprites I thought she did n't look right, so I had handed her over the. Ox horns '', `` Capcom Art director Daigo Ikeno discusses SF4 's new visual style and. Which originate from other series street fighter characters female and so an evil empire [ of M. Bison to stop he! Miss a beat character in Alpha 2 eclectic fighting style eventually ditching Dan and feel... Cammy and T. Hawk to take Chun-Li into custody, but do n't see women in! Who ’ s there but there was something really special about Ryu and tells to. Was later developed to be her master no way was she a diminished character because often. Are seen as friends due to Ibuki being as Sakura 's friend a. Is under the control of the guards while Ken rescues Eliza while searches. His long time training partner Ken find out the top of his list of top ten fighting.

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