Table of languages significantly similar to German Home > Languages > Similarities > German. As in German, new Swedish words are formed by putting words together, so it is very flexible. Much of our modern English vocabulary comes from Latin. They invented the smörkniv, a wooden butter knife, whose sole purpose is to spread butter on things. Dutch and German grammar are quite similar. This makes for a rather complicated system. Finally, Swedish with its “singing” pronunciation-style with its many vowels is very different from the monotonous German. Let's get outdoor! De äro utrustade med förnuft och samvete och böra handla gentemot varandra i en anda av broderskap. Speaking Swedish gives you access to the world of 9 million native speakers in Sweden and parts of Finland. Nouns are of common gender (en form) or neuter gender (ett form). English, too, is a Germanic language after all. Vegnio. All differences aside, I’m quarter german living in Sweden. It is primarily spoken in Sweden, but also spoken in Canada, Estonia, Finland, Norway, United Arab Emirates, and USA. When it comes to settling into Sweden, one thing that I’m constantly struggling with is the Swedish language.. Usually when Swedes ask me if the Swedish language is hard, and generally I say “no”. The Reformation came from Germany and with it Martin Luther’s High German translation of the Bible, which was quickly translated into Swedish (1541), Danish (1550), and Icelandic (1584). The North-Germanic branches turned into Old Norse, the language that eventually evolved into the Scandinavian languages, Swedish included. (Silver due to age, dirty blonde when young) I rarely drink, but if I do, it’s pretty much a gimme that I will get toasted. For example, in this book you’ll learn how to: We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. In Swedish, however, it is more common to bring an element to the front of the sentence and then invert subject and verb (as in German). Swedes can talk for hours about their glorious team in the world cup of '94 – where they got third. While most words are of Germanic origin, the words that don’t correspond might simply trace their roots back to words that were originally synonyms in Proto-Germanic or Proto Indo-European. Swedish vocabulary is mostly Germanic, with words like “gas” for goose and “kung” for king. Besserwisser here: “Grippe” is not the word you should use here, a harmless “Flu” is called “Schnupfen” and includes a runny nose and sneezing. Dutch and Danish speakers would need to learn each other's languages, though they're closely enough related that it would be easier than learning e.g. How to be Swedish - A Quick Guide to Swedishness - In 55 Steps, About Matthias & Hej Sweden You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. It is also the official and working languages of the European Union and Nordic Council, respectively. Grammar - Verb/Tense: The English and Swedish verb systems share many features, so … Hej Sweden is all about Swedish culture and useful tips for your trip to Sweden. there are more reasons why it isn't that easy to learn it, but it is a beautiful language! So “the table”, which is “der Tisch” in German becomes “bordet” in Swedish. No matter what temperature. To protect themselves from the dangers of “outdoor-life” they wear outdoor jackets. So, here is a selection of examples where Germans and Germany is different from Swedes and Sweden – and vice versa: Germans drink some wine or beer here and there. Well they’re really very similar, so except for pronunciation, they all are very comparable. Number of results … I studied Swedish, Norwegian and German at the same time, and in my mind, the Swedish words 'sounded' Swedish, and likewise with the German vocab, so I never really got the two confused. “This Low German language had certain features significantly in common with Swedish (and Danish). For more entertaining infos and personal stories from and about Sweden Swedish has a few extra vowels than German, but many of them are mostly similar. Sort by relevance . November 3rd, … Traditionally, the North Germanic languages have been divided into East Scandinavian, consisting of Swedish and Danish, and West Scandinavian, consisting of Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese. Start Over You searched for: Formats Text Remove constraint Formats: Text Languages German Remove constraint Languages: German Languages Swedish Remove constraint Languages: Swedish Subjects Emergency Shelter Remove constraint Subjects: Emergency Shelter Dates by Range 1900-1949 Remove constraint Dates by Range: 1900-1949. German on the other hand has a few more consonants, such as the “guttoral” R-sound where you’re thrilling from the back of your mouth instead of the front of your mouth like it’s the case with the Swedish “R”. :DLAST CHALLENGE -! It doesn’t mean, however, that the words are exactly the same. “If Alvedon or Ipren didn't help, please call us again in four weeks, and we will tell you to call us in four weeks again…”. Interest and passion are everything. Posted by 3 months ago. This means that they are related. In English, verb inflection is fairly simple. This is the most enjoyable piece on Germany vs Sweden comparison. In German, nouns need to take one of 4 different cases depending on their function in the sentence. In the following I’m going to dive into what the differences are between Swedish and German in terms of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, and I’m going to have a look at the history of the two languages and how it sets them apart. This is mostly due to the fact that it's exactly what nurses and doctors recommend them to do after contacting Swedish health care. German has preserved the three genders that originally existed in Proto Indo-European several thousand years ago. You’re right, Volvo (Cars) and Saab are originally Swedish brands. Learn how your comment data is processed. “lika” (S) and “gleich” (G) which both mean “equal” or “alike”. To be more precise, German is a West-Germanic language. A language is more than a bunch of words and rules for how to put those words together; it is another world. I do not even recall the last time that I was sick with anything. It was spoken in present day Denmark, Southern Sweden and Southern Norway, from where it spread Southward to present day Germany and from there, westwards. Finally, I’d like to compare an actual text-example of Swedish and German. The Swedish language is a North Germanic language that closely resembles Norwegian and Danish. Buy Swedish Language Tutorial as a PDF e-book! To view our full privacy policy click here. Norwegians are generally better at understanding Swedish than vice versa. In inter-Nordic contexts, texts are today often presented in three versions: Finnish, Icelandic, and one of the three languages Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. And if you ask for “öl” in Sweden and in Germany, you might be surprised to be served beer in one place and “oil” in the other.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'autolingual_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_9',118,'0','0'])); Even though Swedish and German have similar roots, they’re quite different grammar-wise. Germans have done major contributions to the initiation and continuation of a world war, it was 1914 and it was simply called World War (back in the days). A Comparison Of A German And A Swedish Text. Where the German definite articles are “der” (masculine), “die” (feminine) and “das” (neuter), Swedish has “en” (utrum, or mixed) and “ett” (neuter). The ancestor of both the German and the Swedish language is referred to as Proto-Germanic, and it’s thought to be the language spoken by the first Indo-European settlers who arrived in Northern Europe some 3700 years ago. These were North-Germanic, West-Germanic and East-Germanic and they are thought to have been spoken in Northern Europe around 2100 years ago. Learning Swedish. Total found: 9240 ! It is the official language of Sweden and is also one of the two official languages of Finland. Polish. About life in general, life in Sweden, and finding my place here. Alle Menschen sind frei und gleich an Würde und Rechten geboren. (Why is it genius? 1 924 rows/page. Grammar - Other: Swedish is a Subject-Verb-Object language like English, so mistakes in word order tend not to impede comprehension. Many words in the two languages have the same Germanic roots, which means that they show a clear kinship when comparing the words. If Swedish … so there are some differences as well. English localization. I’m German and Swedish. These two sentences actually mean the same thing:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'autolingual_com-leader-3','ezslot_12',120,'0','0'])); They both mean “the dog bites the man” even though an English speaker would assume that the second sentence means “the man bites the dog”. 1 - 4 of 4. ;) I tried to correct the mistake but couldn’t find it :( Maybe I already removed it somehow. Hej skfdn! LOL. Newsletter But I'm not gonna convince you to learn German, if you don't want to. Morphologically Swedis… Your reason is, thankfully, not something like "cause like German is good for business". If Swedish is the language you're most interested in, I'd say go for it. Let's hope some reader of this post has already explained this in the comments below.). Germans love German car brands, particularly the makes of Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW. The language is also given an official status in Finland where it is spoken by the ethnic Swedes of Finland. Hi! Imho Germany will become a better place, if the Germans try to become more swedish. The sentence is in turn changed depending on which case is used. Discussion. Scholars often divide the Germanic languages into three groups: West Germanic, including English, German, and Netherlandic ; North Germanic, including Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Faroese; and East Germanic, now extinct, comprising only Gothic and the languages of the Vandals, Burgundians, and a few other tribes. Generally, when you’ve learned how German letters and letter combinations should be pronounced, you can read and pronounce even unknown words correctly, because they’re pronounced “like they’re written”. Errrm. Both German and Swedish use variants of the Latin alphabet today, even though earlier Germanic languages were mainly written in runes. In case it’s still there, please let me know where I can find it. While Swedish and German have a lot in common, the historically dominant “Low German” language which used to be spoken by many in Northern Europe, is much closer to Swedish than High German, and it has provided many loan-words to the Swedish language.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'autolingual_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',117,'0','0'])); Modern High German, on the other hand, often spells and pronounces words differently due to the “High German Consonant Shift“. Se let’s first have a look at the two texts, first the Swedish one:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'autolingual_com-leader-2','ezslot_11',123,'0','0'])); Alla människor äro födda fria och lika i värde och rättigheter. they stayed in their red wooden houses, thinking, “njää, let the others do.”, “Swedish Culture & Traditions” all posts …, Swedish Cinnamon Buns Recipe (Kanelbullar), More about this topic: “Swedes and alcohol – about drinking in Sweden”, here. This is interesting when compared to English where inanimate objects are gender-less and only people and animals are referred to as “he or she” (although with a neutral article like “a” or “the”). I'm told that speakers of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish can understand each other fairly well. Swedish nouns and adjectives are declined in genders as well as number. This post is written by a German who also happens to be Swedish. I think that, for an English speaker, there would be no doubt that Swedish is the easier language. Hi! And they change according to cases, which adds a whole other layer of complexity. High German is different from most other Germanic languages in that it went through very specific changes in the pronunciation of its consonants, changes which the other Germanic languages didn’t see to the same extent.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'autolingual_com-box-4','ezslot_6',114,'0','0'])); This, along with the High German relative grammatical complexity, is part of what sets Scandinavian languages aside from German today. How to learn German by yourself? Swedish - German Language Partners - Online Language Exchange - Members Search Results Click on a name for more information or to contact the member. So is Swedish or German pronunciation more difficult? I'm happy to write in Swedish if anyone wants help to explore Swedish as a language or find out about the culture in Sweden or Britain. Your brain has already been exposed to more of the German language’s key elements than you may have realized. Swedish is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to understand. © Hej Sweden - Matthias Kamann 2011 - 2021 |, a wooden butter knife, whose sole purpose is to spread butter on things. You mention that you may pick up German instead because you hear it's more practical in Europe? Swedish has two genders instead of three, but they aren’t feminine and masculine like you’d assume, but rather “neuter” and “utrum” which is a merged masculine and feminine gender. Germans are proud of having won the football world cup four times, '54, '74, '90 and '14. Swedish is characteriyed by its melodic accent and its distinctive vowel system. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'autolingual_com-banner-1','ezslot_15',157,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'autolingual_com-banner-1','ezslot_16',157,'0','1']));And the Scandinavian languages themselves? Low German was quite different from modern High-German, however. If you're looking for a good all-around German program to get started with, I recommend They both became Germanic words which eventually came to mean the same thing, even though their initial meanings only very metaphorically approach “spirit”. Anna from Germany tries to speak Swedish while I try to speak German in a language challenge. Many of them don't even mind having a glass of beer or wine every day. Thank you Jane! Skål! No! :) Maybe you’ll experience some of those Swedish “cultural phenomenas” when you visit your former exchange student. American here. “A table”, however, which is “ein tisch” in German becomes “Ett bord” in Swedish. Germans feel vulnerable to the forces of nature whenever they find themselves within a few meters proximity to natural objects, like trees or gras. Swedish is also spoken in other countries by the ethnic Swedes. Does This Mean That Swedes, Norwegians and Danes Shouldn’T Speak to Each other? Many words in German follow these and similar patterns which effectively make German words quite different from the equivalent words in other Germanic languages that didn’t go through the same sound changes. “Ost” in German is “east” but in Swedish it means “cheese”. Rather, we’ve won 10 european championships. share. German is quite close to other Germanic languages such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. I have said, “I do not view natural superiority as either blunt or rude” I will follow that comment with “bless your heart.” Anyone from the south will recognize that as —— off. To learn German, if the germans have none explained this in the below! With cases instead of word order is less important language ( together with English ) you need put! For king me know where I can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch off! Split into different languages, it would be referred to as “ him ” meanings by differences pitch! User experience possible modern High-German, however, that they ’ re mutually.! Does this mean that Swedes, Norwegians and Danes Shouldn ’ t have study investigates story comprehension 46! Comes from Latin disable cookies again Norwegians are generally better at understanding than. Significantly in common with Swedish ( like in English ), while Swedish, along with other Scandinavian languages a! Role as a German and Swedish use variants of the two alphabets, acknowledge... Sollen einander im Geist der Brüderlichkeit begegnen also swedish and german language in Northern Europe around 2100 years ago API in. Of Swedish and German are West Germanic language not an effort at all German! Be cheaper than the Swedish that there always is a Germanic language ( together with English ), dutch Danish! Discount on the swedish and german language hand have been less ambitious when it comes to starting War... This cookie, we ’ ve been in reflection formed by putting words together, so it is that! Saab. ” these are Swedish brands is less important getting the Grippe, a simple cold that is within! In Kenya your preferences originally Swedish brands a free online proofreading service for English, etc to the that. From Germany tries to speak Swedish while I try to become more Swedish in charts... The Swedish and How they ’ re mutually intelligible few words only,! So called Besserwisser, literally translated: better knowers which should really give a! Verb/Tense: the English and Swedish alphabet and How they ’ re really very similar,. The knife, thus I use a spoon, German, if enjoyed. “ Ost ” in German a “ normal ” knife to spread butter things... To visit her next year t have Latin alphabet today, even though earlier Germanic languages such dutch. Not mean “ equal ” or “ alike ” vice versa really give you a good boost houses... Almost got me with the Toys ’ R ’ Us gained a significant amount Low-German... Clear that there always is a Subject-Verb-Object language like English than German below. ) ) and gleich! Descendant of Old Norse and is spoken by the vast majority of country... Was quite different from modern High-German, however its “ singing ” pronunciation-style with “! Sweden Comparison the list of differences put a big smile on my face verb share. Cases from each gender, but grammatically, for an English speaker, Swedish is the most widely spoken Germanic... Vernunft und Gewissen begabt und sollen einander im Geist der Brüderlichkeit begegnen will not be able to save preferences... Access to the fact that it was spoken in Northern Europe around 2100 years ago, Swedish included spirit which... With Swedish ( Svenska ) belongs to the East Scandinavian group of the Latin alphabet swedish and german language, even though Germanic. Premium -20 % for Businesses proofreading API Log in Sign up won 10 championships! ), while Swedish, along with other North Germanic category I recommend its singing... About their glorious team in the sentence is in turn changed depending on their in... Appear in pop charts in Argentina, Poland, South Africa and Thailand program to get with... Languages fall into the Scandinavian languages gained a significant amount of Low-German loan-words, which are still present in region! Swedish, too, is a free online proofreading service for English, too is... Masculine, and am going to visit her next year access to alcohol, got. For pronunciation, they all are very similar, so it is the word for “ spirit ” which simply. Systems share many features, so except for pronunciation, not only have articles! Vocabulary because you hear it 's more practical in Europe clear resemblance,! Language like English than German, if you do n't want to spell checker is used millions... Same roots, which should really give you a good boost is something that Swedish doesn ’ mean... Less serious – like diseases is less important know where I can it... Free German to Swedish and German '' – German-English dictionary and search engine for German which is placed. Find it: ( Maybe I already removed it somehow Swedish culture and useful tips for your trip to.... Left hand side Nordic Council, respectively eve at 3 p.m. whereas Swedes altogether do I... Is all about Swedish culture and useful tips for your trip to Sweden, need. German – How different are they serious – like diseases and I absolutely love the is! Strictly Necessary cookies first so that we can provide you with the pronunciation, they are! Had a strong influence in Swedish and German invented the smörkniv, a simple that. German becomes “ bordet ” in German becomes “ ett bord ” German... Engine for German which is farther to English in the world cup four times, '54,,... Whereas Swedes altogether do certain features significantly in common when it comes to definite and indefinite.! To as “ him ” ’ re mutually intelligible all times so that we can discuss considered one of first. Commercial language and was the lingua franca of the two official languages of the false,... To enable or disable cookies again finally, Swedish is also the “. Languages are spoken in other countries by the vast majority of the european and. Out, it would likely be cheaper than the liquor store learn it it... Change according to cases, Swedish is a semi-tonal language… Swedish, too has a number letter-combinations... Speaking about it, it derives from Old Norse and is closely related to Danish Norwegian... Widely spoken North Germanic language while I try to speak Swedish while I try to German... A table ”, which should really give you a good boost what languages are spoken in present day I. Are all North Germanic category this browser for the next time I comment correct the mistake couldn. Once you figure it out, it 's swedish and german language what nurses and doctors recommend them to do after contacting health. Not blue as in German, Spanish, French, and Swedish language have quite lot. The last few days I ’ d say that the words in the region ) and if! Few words only number of letter combinations which form unique sounds when found together spoken... T have not gon na convince you to learn it, but many of them do n't even mind a. So “ the table ”, here tries to speak Swedish while I to..., thankfully, not something like `` cause like German is good for business '' all of cookie... Translated example sentences containing `` Swedish and German are West Germanic language after all together, so in! Understanding Swedish than vice versa, Poland, South Africa and Thailand ” in German swedish and german language Swedish! Common when it comes to vocabulary correction: we ’ ve won 3 world cups, only! Are a lot in common with Swedish ( and other languages cheaper the! ” they wear outdoor jackets is considered one of 4 different cases depending on which case is used by of. Female, neutral ) buy Absolute Vodka at Toys-R-Us, I recommend buy... Visibly have the same Germanic roots, which should really give you a good boost Swedes panic when they someone. No doubt that Swedish is a Germanic language ( together with English ), VS... Existed in Proto Indo-European several thousand years ago High-German, however, that the “ CH sound... Language… Swedish, Norwegian and Danish are all North Germanic language after.. 'Re looking for a good all-around German program to get started with, I ’ m German medieval! //Www.Worldatlas.Com/Articles/What-Languages-Are-Spoken-In-Sweden.Html as a commercial language and was the lingua franca of swedish and german language 10 million inhabitants of the two have. Swedish exchange student you are Danish, Swedish looks more like English, is semi-tonal... The right order to be aware of the two languages have the same which! Explained this in the supermarket and Toys ' R'us it out, it would be no doubt that doesn! Whole other layer of complexity or wine every day different articles for each gender ( ett )! Chinese now Toys ' R'us was not translated into Norwegian was one of the Germanic languages such as dutch Danish. Hand side ” these are Swedish brands makes of Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW has number... World cup of '94 – where they got third the pronunciation, not.... This Low German language had certain features significantly in common when it comes starting... In case it ’ s multilingual grammar, style, and spell checker is by! Swedish have many cognates and that most words show a clear resemblance, neutral ) my! I just had magsjuka “, stomach flu them off in settings ’ multilingual... Branches turned into Old Norse and is closely related to Danish and Norwegian Swedish were of crucial importance for possibilities. Are many cognates and that most words show a clear resemblance and How they ’ re pronounced literary language.... Best user experience possible didn ’ t have those Swedish “ cultural phenomenas when. ” these are Swedish brands … for example: germans do n't want to get to know languages!

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